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Specialists of the center for aesthetic surgery, which operates on the basis of the Department of cosmetic surgery  Losenoidoomock clinic, propose to conduct a number of operations aimed at improving its appearance. Cosmetic surgery helps many people to escape not only from physical but also from psychological problems. Thus the patient gets rid of his real, bodily imperfections, from emotional stress, which leads to significant improvement in the quality of life.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery at the Hadassah hospital. Cosmetic surgery – is a branch of medicine that focuses on improving a person’s appearance methods of operation by changing the parts of the body or face, which are undesirable. There are two types of cosmetic surgery-aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Aesthetic surgery deals with maintaining the beauty and improved the appearance of parts of his body and face. Reconstructive surgery deals with reconstruction of human body, correction of defects that could be obtained due to an illness, injury, accidents, accidents, and congenital defects.

Cosmetology is one of the oldest Sciences, which has been studying the ways and methods of  losenoidoomock and preserving youth and beauty of the human body. Since ancient times, people have tried various means to stop the inevitable passage of time to preserve your youth, slow down the aging process. Since cosmetology has leaped forward, and in the Arsenal of cosmetologists appeared powerful, modern tools and technologies to significantly slow down the aging process of human skin and organism in General.

Implantation. The operation of implantation of the chin helps to achieve harmony of all the parts of the face by increasing or reducing the chin, the procedure takes about half an hour and does not require hospitalization. The operation of implantation of the cheek bones to highlight the face and patients is carried out only in adulthood, when the growth of the maxillo-facial bones is completed. The operation of implantation of the mandible helps to solve the problem of narrow low jaw, lasts one hour and is performed under local anesthesia or General, depending on the patient’s wishes, it does not require additional hospitalization.

Unfortunately, good genetics and perfect physique nature awarded not all Losenoidoomock. The purpose of the clinic of plastic surgery “charm” is to help. You become satisfied with their appearance and to preserve the charm of youth. Clinic for plastic surgery and instrumental cosmetology in Moscow under the name “charm” will help you to look young and beautiful for many years. Now this cherished dream will become a reality. We all know that perfect body Constitution and good heredity can boast not all.

Depression has become one of the most common brain diseases in the world. 23 million adults suffer from this disease which can occur when life's hardships seem intolerable, but that is not always the case. A stressful period does always cause depression, but it very well can. Major depression is classified by a one time episode possibly triggered by stress. Depression is linked to an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain leading to serious symptoms.